About Me

I spend my days running Train of Thought graphic design and advertising, and designing typefaces. I’ve designed type for corporations, niche brands, print publishers, and music artists.

An acclaimed publication designer and brand development specialist, I have been a professional graphic designer and creative director since 1986. I have been designing type professionally for twenty-four years. Type has always been a key component in my design work as a catalyst for disruption, connection, and change. I began developing custom typefaces for magazines and corporate identity projects, and twenty-one years later, I began programming fonts.

Each typeface or font family I develop is designed to serve a particular purpose or capture a certain feeling. I may be aiming for the ultimate poster font, sometimes a typeface lends a casual and fun vibe, and other times, I’m capturing a mood or core value in a text face. Headline fonts are among my specialties, with a focus on advertising. Another area of focus is on fonts that serve well in brand identity applications.

My type design inspiration comes from many sources, including niche brand development and historical references. I was surely influenced by my great grandfather, who was a sign painter, and by my father who hand-painted inspirational quotes on walls when I was a child. His letterforms where always spontaneous yet disciplined, and perfectly complimented the quotes and atmosphere of the room. I admired his ability to evenly fill a given space without first drawing it out. His grandfather was known for the same spacial awareness, often painting 20-40-foot banners, starting at one side and finishing at the end with evenly weighted characters of equal, proportional widths. Everything fit perfectly.

My type design approach is simple: I create purposeful, inspired fonts that help designers and companies express their best ideas and work.

I love seeing my fonts in use, so feel free to send a sample of how you are using my fonts in your designs, and you shall have my gratitude. Cheers.

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